“Soooo, you can just, like, fall asleep?!” Spoken Poetry on Narcolepsy

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“Soooo, you can just, like, fall asleep?!”

This video moved me to tears. Please watch and share Kara Sulzer’s powerful spoken poetry on living with narcolepsy. Kara cuts right to the heart of so many key aspects of living with narcolepsy so quickly, discussing the symptoms, the social misperceptions and the BEST question she ever received. 

Watch this video on YouTube.

Thank you to my friend, Sleep advocate and Rising Voices of Narcolepsy speaker, Matthew Horsnell for bringing Kara’s video to my attention.

from Blog – Julie Flygare http://julieflygare.com/soooo-you-can-just-like-fall-asleep-spoken-poetry-on-living-with-narcolepsy/

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