Samsung facts: Top 10 mind blowing facts you didn’t know before

Samsung is one of the most powerful leaders in technology world. Although you have covered many of their tablet, smartphone or television, how well do you really know about this corporation? By this article, you are going to discover top 10 mind blowing Samsung facts you didn’t know before. So let’s dive in. 

Samsung facts, mind blowing facts you didn’t know before

1. The meaningful name

samsung facts

 "Samsung" means "three stars"

Almost everyone is familiar with the Samsung name but what does this mean? Samsung is derived from two Korean words, ‘Sam‘ that means ‘Three‘ and ‘Sung‘ that means ‘Stars‘, so it means ‘Three Stars‘ because the Founder of the company wanted to see this company as a big and powerful company just  like a star.

2. First to jump into the smartphone game

Although Samsung may not be the first to make a smartphone by any means, they were one of the first players to truly get aggressive about the market and introduced the first “PDA phone” with a color display in the US market in 2001. 

3. Samsung's construction division 

samsung facts

Samsung's construction division built the Burj Khalifa

Not many of us know that Samsung's construction division built the Burj Khalifa at 2,722 feet, in the United Arab Emirates which is the tallest building in the world.

4. First watch phone

Samsung SPH-WP10 was first introduced and pioneered in 1999. This first watch phone not only allowed you to see time but also allowed to make calls for up to 90 minutes before battery depletion. What’s more, the screen has physical buttons and also followed human voice commands.

5. First CDMA phone 

samsung facts

The very first CDAM phone

The Samsung SCH-100 was released back in 1996, making it the very first phone to utilize CDMA technology

6. Samsung popularity

Samsung is made up of over 80 companies and has over 310,000 employees around the whole world. These companies vary from construction companies, financial services companies, ship building companies, electronic based companies and more. Samsung is more than just an electronics and mobile producer.

7. Samsung’s logo evolution

samsung facts

 Samsung logo

While the Samsung logo changed a few times prior to the 70s, after this, it pretty much stayed constant, changing only three times until the current logo was settled on in 1993. 

8. Not only success in smartphone production

Samsung has been the top selling TV maker in the world for six straight years.

9. Including a number of industrial subsidiaries

Founded in 1938, Samsung actually has a number of industrial subsidiaries which include Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Life Insurance and, of course Samsung Electronics, among others.

10. Heated rivals

samsung facts

Samsung's heated rival is Apple

No doubt, we all know the fact that Samsung's heated rival is Apple. Samsung controls 60% of the mobile device market in South Korea, compared with 14% for Apple. But Apple has more than 40% of the smartphone market in the U.S, while Samsung has 26%.

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