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It's obvious that laptop screens tend to collect dust as well as many other debris. And this makes them look unattractive after awhile. However, you can't use the normal way that you use to clean your windows or mirrors like spraying since it may harm your computer screen. They may take off your laptop or computer screen protective coating. The LCD surface is also easily damaged. So it's necessary to use gentle supplies when cleaning laptop or computer screen.  Here in this article, we will show you some easy and smart ways to clean your laptop and computer screen. Technology facts.

How to clean laptop and computer screen

With a microfiber cloth

How to clean laptop or computer screen

1. Turn the computer off and unplug the power adapter and battery. Don't just put it to sleep.

2. Get a microfiber cloth. This is made with a type of fabric that doesn't produce lint, in addition to being very soft. If you use a washcloth, t-shirt or another type of cloth, it could leave extra debris on your skin or scratch it.

Note: Avoid using paper products such as napkin, paper towel, toilet paper, or another paper product.

3. Wipe the screen gently with the cloth. Using one sweep of the cloth should take care of any dust and loose particles on the screen. Wipe gently without exerting much pressure, since if you press too hard you could damage the screen.

4. Clean the laptop frame with gentle cleaning solution. If the area around the screen is dirty, you can use a standard household cleaning solution and a paper towel; just be very careful not to let it touch the screen.

With a cleaning solution

How to clean laptop and computer screen

1. Turn the computer off and unplug the power adapter and battery. 

2. Create a gentle cleaning solution. The ideal solution is plain distilled water, which contains no chemicals and is gentle on the screen. If heavier cleaning is needed, a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and distilled water can also be effective.


  • Make sure you use plain white vinegar, not apple cider vinegar or any other kind.
  • Distilled water is better than tap water because it's chemical-free.
  • Manufacturers no longer recommend using any cleaners with alcohol, ammonia or any strong solvents on LCD screens.

3. Put the solution in a small atomizer bottle (spray bottle). Pour some of the solution into the spray bottle and screw on the top. Don't use this to spray on the screen itself, however.

4. Apply a minimal amount of the solution to a microfiber cloth. A static-free, fiber-free cloth works best. Remember not to use regular cloth, since this could scratch the screen. Do not soak the cloth; you just want to get it moist, which is the purpose of using the atomizer bottle to wet it.

5. Wipe the cloth against the screen in a circular motion. 

What not to do when cleaning your laptop screen

  • Never directly wet the screen
  • Do not use regular cleaning supplies such as Window cleaner, All-purpose cleaner, Dish soap, or soap of any kind on your screen 
  • Never scrub your screen

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