A new Facebook feature helps US citizens to opt their next president

Facebook is a social networking giant with a dozen of new and useful features. Recently, US Presidential election day is coming which draws attetion of people in the whole country. And Facebook continues to impress users with a new feature that can help US citizens to opt their next president.

Facebook new feature with election day

facebook feature help opt president

 Facebook new feature can help to opt the next president

With the day arrives, Facebook has added a new feature to help US citizens determine who they wanna be their next president as well as support for US Presidential Election.

“Today, we’re introducing a new feature that shows you what’s on the ballot — from candidates to ballot initiatives,” Facebook said in a statement.

The new feature shows where the candidates stand on the issues before voters make their choice, but Facebook said that it don’t want to make any kind of interference with their choice.

“How you vote is a personal matter, and we’ve taken steps to make sure that you have utmost control over your plan,” it announced on Friday.

“After you make a selection, you have to choose who you want to be able to see it (“Only me” or “Friends”). For example, some people want to keep in private about their choice of president but they can share with friends their pick for a congressional race or a ballot initiative,” Facebook added.

On 8 November election day, Americans will decide who will deserve to become their next president or vice president and also vote for some new members of Congress, state governors, as well as state and local officials.

And as not all states in the US mail out sample ballots ahead of an election, this can make it difficult to find comprehensive information about the questions voters will be expected to consider when they walk into the voting booth.

“Thanks to data gathered from election officials by the nonpartisan Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), we can present you with a preview of the ballot you’ll receive on November 8,” Facebook said.

With the new feature, you can preview the races and issues you will see on your ballot, learn more about the candidates and their positions, then email yourself your choices for later reference. Not only concentrate on things for entertainment, Facebook now also is a useful tool to support for social issues.

The feature presents candidates in random order. Users can view their issue positions (information candidates have provided about their policy positions), their endorsements, recent posts and their website.

“You can also add a candidate to your favorites to create your plan to bring with you on Election Day,” it shared in a statement.

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