Why is Water Colourless? - Science Facts

Have you ever wondered that why water is colourless? This article will give you the answer.

why is water colourless?


 Why is water colorless?

Milk is white. Orange juice is orange. Almost things you drink or eat has some color. Then why is that you can see through a glass full of water? Why is water colorless?

You must already know that white light is made up of several colors. Now anything solid or liquid is made up of tiny particles. Now when light falls on these particles, they absorb some colors from the light and while some other color doesn’t  get absorbed. This color gets reflected back from the particles and is the one that reaches our eyes. The thing therefore appears to be of the color that is reflected back and reaches our eyes. For example when you look at orange juice, all colors from the light are absorbed except orange color. Orange color is reflected back and reaches our eyes and therefore the juice looks orange.

Water is colorless and transparent because ALL except a tiny bit of blue are reflected back. Since water reflects all colors together it looks colorless.

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