A list of inventions that are completely useless (P1)

In parallel with a ton of inventions or products that changed the world, we've all watched products that just seems totally pointless. The article today is the first part of a list of inventions that are completely useless. Let’s jump right into!

8 most useless inventions, products ever

1. Diet Water

useless inventions

Who wants to buy diet water?

Nearly every beverage has its own diet-friendly alternative, even water. Japanese beverage company Sapporo added "specialized peptide bonds" to their water and sells is under the name "diet water." Of course, regular water is still actually the best diet beverage out there. This is the worst in the list of inventions that are completely useless.

2. Subway Chinrest

useless inventions

Subway chinrest - useless inventions 

Most of the times, people don’t get a seat on the subway so they have to stand, and the neck starts hurting if you keep standing for a long time, therefore, Subway Chinrest was born. 

 3. Perfect Eyedrop

useless inventions

Perfect Eyedrop - useless inventions

Because not having this is the reason eyedrops are hard to put in. This is really an awesome science invention ever, but who will buy this?

4. Shoe Umbrellas

useless inventions

Shoe umbrellas - useless inventions

These pennyloafer parasols make absolutely no sense! Won't a regular umbrella also cover your shoes? Also the umbrellas don't even cover the whole shoe, and the bottoms are going to get wet anyway. On top of all that, why would anyone walk around with these embarrassing eyesores?

5. Noodle Fan

useless inventions

 Noodle fan - useless inventions

For those impatient eaters that don't want to wait a minute before they dig into their noodles, this bulky fan is one eye-catching solution. We don't see how this would be any more efficient than just blowing on your noodles, though.

6. Picnic Pants

useless inventions

Picnic pants - useless inventions

These bulky pants completely fail in both form and function. Not only are these saggy pants absolutely hideous to look at, but trying to eat off of them requires you to keep your legs completely still. Just get a blanket and save yourself the ridicule.

7. Toilet Golf

useless inventions

Toilet golf - useless inventions

Not only does it come with a half-moon putting green, but you also get a DND sign explaining to any would-be knockers that you’re engaged in a serious round of putting while emptying your bowls. It is so funny invention for human ever.

8. Screen Privacy Hood

useless inventions

Screen privacy hood - useless inventions

With the screen privacy hood – the only person able to view your screen with a very narrow, woolly and uncomfortable field of view will be yourself. And now nobody will be able to find out what you’re doing, even the NASA.

The eight above useless inventions is just the first part of our collection. Others will be unveiled in the next articles, just keep following factoflife.net to get more technology and science facts and news.

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