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Uber facts

1. Drivers don't get discount

facts about uber

When Barrett, an Uber driver in Tennessee, answered his phone to speak with me, he was walking a mile to the airport to avoid having to pay for a cab. Uber drivers don’t get any discounts or special treatment when they’re passengers, although Barrett does say the company sends drivers discounts for car maintenance like tire rotations and oil changes. 

2. Uber babies get special onesies

At least one human has breathed its first gulp of air in the back seat of an Uber cab. In March of this year, Zanna Gilbert gave birth to her daughter in a Nissan Altima, which her husband hailed through the Uber app. The baby and mother were both fine, and Uber gave the driver free Knicks tickets for his excellent handling of the situation. The company also paid to have the car cleaned. The baby got a special Uber-branded onesie. 

3. Cars can be no more than 10 years old 

And they must have at least four doors. “They do a personal inspection of the vehicle before you can drive,” Barrett says. “They check for exterior damage, cleanliness, wear and tear.” In some cities, the inspection is performed by a fellow Uber driver with a high rating who’s been deemed responsible enough to deserve the title of “Pro Driver.” 

“If someone signs up as a potential driver within the vicinity of your turned-on app, you'll get notified and be tasked with going to ‘vet the driver,’” Barrett says. “This means we take their picture, inspect their vehicle, snap pics of their insurance and driver’s license. We essentially serve as the middleman to corporate to ensure they're who they say they are after the background check passes. We're the final step as they also do a test drive with us to officially clear them for driving. It's a 30 minute or so process and we get $20 for our time in vetting the drivers.”

4. The tip isn't "included"

This is a big misconception about UberX, stoked by one of the company’s biggest selling points: customers get in, get to where they’re going, and get out without needing to exchange any cash with the driver. Instead, the app connects directly to a passenger’s bank account and charges them the for the ride. Drivers keep 80 percent of that fare and give 20 percent to Uber. That’s it. In fact, the company discourages UberX drivers from accepting tips on first offer, instructing them to take the money only if a passenger insists. Rand, a driver in Southern California, says maybe one in 10 passengers offer a tip.

"I cannot tell you how many times my passengers have told me, 'oh yeah, the tip is included in the fare,'" UberX driver Cole told CNET. "I have to kindly explain to them that it's not included and the fare is only calculated on time and distance

5. Drivera are probably giving you five star

Uber utilizes a rating system as a way of encouraging good behavior on behalf of passengers and drivers. Both parties can rate one another on a five-star scale at the end of a ride. The drivers I spoke with said they almost always give customers five stars unless they’re obnoxiously drunk, late, or exceedingly rude. JC, an UberX driver in Texas, says he once gave a rider a low rating because of how they spoke to their mother, who was also in the car. “He was super disrespectful to his mom, and it was really unbecoming,” he says. “I might have given him like a two.” 

6. Drivers don't know where you are going 

The Uber app lets passengers designate a destination, but drivers aren’t privy to this information until they pick someone up. This means it’s entirely possible a customer could have a destination that’s hours away. Earlier this year, one man took an Uber car from Scranton, Pa. to Buffalo, N.Y., a 6-hour, 278-mile trip. Granted, he alerted the Uber driver of his travel plans before getting in, and had already been turned down twice. The trip cost him $583.69. 

7. Celebs also take Uber  

While working during the Coachella music and arts festival, Rand says he got a ride request from a man named Dre. “I said 'I’m looking for Dree?' And he said 'It’s Dre. Doctor Dre,'" Rand recalls. "I had heard the name but I didn’t know who it was. He wasn’t performing at Coachella but for a private party and the whole way out he asked for the audio cable to practice his set list. It took us a half hour of driving around to find the house because they couldn’t find directions.”

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