Great, famous, cool, best inventions that changed the world

Here we come up with a list of great, best, cool, famous inventions that changed the world. Let's check out to know more about the stories these scientific, technology inventions as well as inventors. Science and technology facts 

Best, great, cool, famous inventions that changed the world 


Facebook launches Artificial Intelligence for blind users

 Artificial intelligence facebook

Facebook Artificial intelligence

This April, Facebook proclaims the launch of automatic alternative text that scans pictures on the platform and catalogs keywords for blind and visually impaired users with screen readers. This tool is designed by Matt King, Facebook's blind engineer.


Technology that empowers movement in paralyzed limb

Researchers have broadcasted the development of a complex neural bypass system to give movement back to the people with paralysis. The system has been used by 24-year-old Ian man who was told that he would never move his hands again.


Fire alarm birdhouses

A forest fire doesn't get noticed until a mass destruction occurs so an innovation i.e. a systematic birdhouse with included smoke alarm sensors has made for wilderness. This birdhouse is designed by Ogilvy and Mather.


Baby hats designed to improve newborn survival


Baby hats Neopanda

Neopanda hat - famous cool great inventions that changed the world

Neopanda is a hat that is created for newborns in the developing countries. This hat is equipped with a sensor that checks heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. Any sign for concern is immediately sent to the hospital through it.


Microbots that suck the lead out of water

Microbots famous inventions

Microbots - famous cool great inventions that changed the world

Small robots are designed to address the issue of lead contamination and it is found that the robots can absorb up to 95% of lead from a water body in just 60 minutes.


Sign language gloves - SignAloud

A pair of gloves is designed by 2 undergraduate students at the University of Washington that takes sign language, hand movements and then transforms them into spoken language with the use of a computer.


Device that inspects gluten in your meal

 Gluten famous inventions

A famous great cool invention

For all those people with gluten allergies and celiac disease, a device has been invented that hopes to curb the fear by offering gluten sensitivity more autonomy over their diet. Nima, the device can detect the presence of gluten in a couple of minutes.


Sidewalk stop lights

Sidewalk stop lights

Sidewalk stop lights - a cool great invention

Stadtwerke Augsburg outfitted the crosswalks of two rail stops with the help of traffic lights, so those people looking down at their phones can know about safe crossing.


Reddit's expanded blocking tools

Reddit blocking tools

Reddit which has observed a good share of harassment among its users, added a feature to its site so as to enhance its blocking tool. All the comments with harmful language through this feature will get hidden.


Notifying about abusive tweetstorms on Twitter 

Abusive tweetstorms Twitter

Abusive Tweetstorms on Twitter

Harassment on Twitter doesn't conclude with one tweet, it instead goes on with tweetstorms and so for this Twitter announced the update feature that will let users notify up to 5 threatening or abusive tweets.


LifeGuard Drone for drowning rescue

Lifeguard drone is a device that a swimmer can put on for emergency situations. So in cases of distress, the swimmer can activate the technology to pass out 'SOS' signals and a GPS location. And so these signals can save the life of a swimmer.

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