Interesting fun random Poland facts

Poland (the Republic of Poland) is a country in Central Europe. Let's find out more about this country through our list of interesting, fun, random facts about Poland to know more about Poland history, tourism, people, Polish culture, holidays, traditions

Interesting fun random Poland facts

 Interesting fun random Poland facts

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The official name of Poland is the Republic of Poland.


Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe by land area.


Seven countries share a border with Poland including Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Germany.


Poland is home to over 38 million people (38,383,809) as of July 2013.


Warsaw is the largest city and capital of Poland.


Poland’s national symbol is the White Eagle.

Poland flag and symbol

Poland flag and national symbol - Poland facts


The peak of Rysy in the Tatra Mountains is the highest point in Poland at 2499 m (8199 ft) outside of this mountain range most of Poland is very flat.


A Polish state and the name Poland existed as far back as the year 966 during the reign of Mieszko I. The Kingdom of Poland was founded shortly after in 1025.


Nicolaus Copernicus, the famous 16th century astronomer who first suggested the sun was the center of our universe was born in Thorn, Royal Prussia, part of the Kingdom of Poland.


Famous physicist, chemist and Nobel laureate Marie Curie (or Maria Sklodowska) was Polish however she lived much of her life in France.


Poland has more than 15 Nobel prize laureates, of these 4 were for Peace prizes and 5 in Literature.


As of 2013 Poland has 14 heritage sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Forests cover over 30% of Poland's land area and the country is the fourth most forested in Europe.


Of all migratory birds that travel to Europe for the summer, one quarter of them breed in Poland making it the most important bird breeding ground in Europe.

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Meanwhile in Poland funny pictures - Facts about Poland


The most popular sport in Poland is football (soccer), the Polish national team came third in the 1974 and 1982 World Cup Finals and won Olympic Gold in 1972.


Other popular sports in Poland include athletics, basketball, handball, volleyball, boxing, weightlifting, ice hockey, tennis, fencing, cross-country skiing, swimming and ski jumping.


"Burek" is the most popular name for a dog in Poland


Poles marry the youngest in the European Union


Poles eat pizza with ketchup


The name "Poland" originates from the tribe "Polanie" which means "people living in a open fields."

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