Most Amazing Facts about Planet Earth

The Earth is nothing but human's home for millenniums or even millions of years. Though the planet Earth is something so familiar to anyone of us as it's our home, there are still so a lot of facts and other mysterious things that we don't know about it. So, today, let's come with me and we'll together check out some of the most interesting facts about the Earth.

The Earth

The Earth 

Well, from the Sun, Earth is the 3rd planet in the Solar system, which's also considered the largest of the terrestrial planets. According to particular research and studies, the Earth was formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago and is the only known planet to support life until now. Here are some interesting facts the Earth for you to know. 

The rotation of Planet Earth is gradually slowing

This deceleration is happening almost imperceptibly, at approximately 17 milliseconds per hundred years, although the rate at which it occurs is not perfectly uniform. This has the effect of lengthening our days, but it happens so slowly that it could be as much as 140 million years before the length of a day will have increased to 25 hours. 

Earth is the only planet not named after a god 

The Solar System

The Solar System

While all of other 7 planets in the solar system are named after Roman gods and goddess, the Earth is exactly the only one not named that way. Despite the fact that just only the name of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars planets were identified during the ancient times since they're visible to the naked eye, the Roman method of naming planets was retained after the discovery of Uranus and Neptune

The Moon - The Earth's only natural satellite

The Moon - The Earth's only natural satellite

There is only one natural satellite of the planet Earth

As a percentage of the size of the body it orbits, the Moon is the largest satellite of any planet in our solar system. In real terms, however, it is only the 5th largest natural satellite.

The Earth was believed to be the centre of the universe in history

Based on the Sun and other planets' apparent movements, ancient scientists kept insisting that the Earth remained static, whilst other celestial bodies travelled in circular orbits around it. Eventually, the view that the Sun was at the centre of the universe was postulated by Copernicus.

The Earth is the densest planet in the Solar System

This varies according to the part of the planet; e.g, the metallic core is denser than the crust. The average density of the Earth is approximately 5.52gr per cubic centimetre.

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