Louisiana flooding - The worst natural disaster

In August 2016, prolonged rainfall in southern parts of the U.S. state of Louisiana resulted in catastrophic flooding that submerged thousands of houses and businesses. The devastating flooding in Louisiana is the worst natural disaster to hit the U.S. since Superstorm Sandy four years ago. A lot of information about flood has been reported to those whose are a keen on environmental news.

Louisiana flooding and updated news about the flood

We all know the fact that federal assistance alone is not going to be enough to make people’s lives whole again, so the government are calling every American to do what you can to help get families and businesses back on their feet. 

Louisiana flooding

Because of the large number of homeowners that were affected, they are not only in need of money support but also volunteers' helping. Buresh expects that up to 75 volunteers will sign up to assist All Hands Volunteers in Louisiana. Volunteers already there have come from as far away as the United Kingdom. 

During this extremely difficult time, many local families have been affected. Thanks for the help of volunteers, thousands of people and animals have been rescued from Louisiana flooding. 

Many of the homeowners who live in areas inundated with floodwaters have no flood insurance, a problem that will leave them draining savings accounts and relying on federal disaster programs to rebuild and repair.

Hoping everything will be fine. See more updated news about nature here

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