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Can elephants jump?

Have you ever seen an elephant jump? Probably not. And with good reason.

According to elephant facts for kids, the average elephant weighs 8,000 pounds and that’s double the weight of a 2016 Ford F150 pick-up. While a truck might get airborne with sufficient acceleration, the fastest an elephant can move is about 10 to 15 miles per hour.  That’s not exactly a big head of steam. Their mass is enormous. Indeed, 8,000 pounds is just the average; elephants can hit the scales at up to 12,000 to 16,000 pounds.

And that mass is perched somewhat precariously on the elephant’s legs. It’s as if four slender columns were holding up a teetering prize-winning pumpkin. It is not a good design for leaping. 

If you were to look at an elephant’s skeleton, you’ll see that they’re standing on their tippy toes. All the bones are pointed straight down. That skeletal design supports the weight, but does not allow for an upwards spring from the feet, which is what would be required for jumping.

So now we know that elephants can’t jump.

Can elephants jump

Elephants can't jump

Can Elephants swim?

Like all mammals (except humans and apes, who have to learn how to swim), elephants are very good, untiring swimmers.

Elephants move all four legs to swim and are able to move quite fast like that. Their big body provides enough floatation while the trunk acts like a snorkel.

Can elephants swim

Elephants can swim

How do Elephants Swim?

Elephants mostly swim with their face above and their mouth below the water surface. They breathe through their trunk which they use as a snorkel.

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