10 things and facts you didn't know about the Ukulele


Ukulele is a small and adorable guitar-like instrument which usually comes in four different sizes including soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Ukulele is also a popular instrument. It’s a convenient and fine way to enjoy music together. It’s small, it’s easy to bring with, easy to pick up and easy to play. While you might know chords and strumming patterns, there are facts and things you probably didn’t know about this “keww” instrument.

Ukulele interesting facts

Ukulele interesting facts

Fact #1

Ukulele, developed in the 19th, derived from two Portuguese instruments: the braguinha and the cavaquino. It was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. The first Ukulele was made in 1879.

Fact #2

Ukulele is a small guitar-like instrument that is incredibly popular with Hawaiian music. Ukulele means “jumping flea” in Hawaiian. The last queen of Kingdom of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, translated Ukulele as “gift from afar”. People just call it by its common nickname: the uke.

Fact #3

Ukuleles come with four different sizes. The standard size is the soprano. It is around 60 cm. Other sizes include: concert, tenor, and baritone.

ukulele sizes facts

Ukulele sizes

Fact #4

The ukulele has four strings and are known by the notes: G – C – E and A. Not only are these notes acoustic, but are currently electric. And sound is made when the strings are plucked. The instrument is made of mahogany wood. Plastic ones are usually for children.

Fact #5 

Early ukulele strings were made from cat or sheep gut. Most modern ukulele strings are now made of nylon. However, you can still find gut strings at specialty shops.

Fact #6

The single I’m yours by Jason Mraz is the best-selling ukulele song of all time. It was on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 76 weeks. It broke a record for the number of consecutive weeks spent on the chart. This song is also the tenth best-selling digital download of all time in the U.S with up to over six million downloads sold. That’s amazing.

jason mraz im yours ukulele facts

Jason Mraz

Fact #7

There is a Ukulele Orchestra in Great Britain that is hugely popular. They regularly perform worldwide to great critical acclaim.

Fact #8

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, really loved to play the ukulele. In fact, after visiting the moon, he spent several weeks in quarantine as scientists at the time feared he may have picked up strange bacteria while in space. He spent much of this time in quarantine strumming his uke.

Fact #9

The ukulele business is booming. Some ukulele manufacturers such as Kala have reported growth of 500-600% in recent years.

Fact #10

George Harrison, the lead guitarist of the Beatles, collected hundreds of ukuleles and was often seen strumming them or giving them away to friends.

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