Should I buy life insurance while pregnant? - Question and Answer

Whether or not to get life insurance coverage while pregnant is a very personal one. You should make this decision based on your own risk factors, and whether or not you feel your birthing experience will put the future of your children at risk. Remember, ultimately life insurance is about those you will leave behind, and in this case that is largely your children.

Studies show that the number of women dying during childbirth in the US is on the rise. However, even though the risk seems to be growing, at 18.5 maternal deaths per 100,000 births is still relatively low.

It’s kind of a catch-22 situation: if you don’t have any significant risk, then you may want to wait until the baby is 4-8 weeks old before applying for life insurance. However, if you are at risk – and life insurance would be important for the protection of your child(ren) – you may not be eligible.

What if I get denied a life insurance policy while pregnant?

It is very possible that a life insurance company may choose not to cover you while still pregnant. This happens if they see you as too high of a risk. Don’t let this worry you; even if one life insurance company won’t cover you, it is very possible another may.

The best thing to do is to shop around. Every life insurance company has a different approach to covering pregnant women seeking life insurance. Try to find out as much information as you can about various life insurance companies and their coverage for women during pregnancy, and then decide accordingly.

TermLife2Go can help you do just that. We represent dozens of different life insurance companies. These are some of the best life insurance companies in the industry, and each of them has a different approach to offering pregnant women life insurance policies. We can help you to compare various policies to determine which is best for you, as well as to help you decide whether or not to get life insurance while still pregnant or if it makes more sense to wait until after you have given birth.

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