Noah and Emma are the two most popular baby boy and girl names

Of course, we all want to give our children a meaningful, unique, and beautiful name. What's in a name? Plenty, of course, if you are an expectant parent considering the seemingly infinite options for what to call your new baby boy or girl. In a recent survey, people found out that there are two most popular children baby boy and girl names, they are Emma and Noah. These two names seem to be more appealed to parents than others do. Interesting human facts

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Noah and Emma are the two most popular baby boy and girl names

For the second year in a row, Emma was the number one choice for baby girls in 2015, and Noah topped the chart for a second time as the favorite for baby boys, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), which released its annual list today (May 6) of the most popular children baby names in the United States.

The names that closely followed behind those two also mirrored last year's front-runners, Liam was the second most popular baby boy name, and Olivia took second place for girls (as they did in 2014).

In fact, many of the names on 2015's list should look familiar; they were the top picks in 2014, and many of them were among the most popular names for 2013, as well. But that's not unusual.

Unique funny baby boy girl names

Unique children baby boy and girl names

Top names generally are less prone to cultural swings. They're consensus names based more on styles than on inspirations of the moment. So, the tops of the charts don't change very quickly.

Recently, names with multiple vowels appear to be gaining ground. The fastest-rising girl's name for 2015 was Alaia, while the boy's name with the greatest momentum was Jonael. This trend has been building over the course of a generation

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