Interesting Facts About Your Teeth

Teeth are an important part of our body with the purpose known most is to comsume foods. However, we usually ignore or don’t realize their importance. Following these interesting crazy and  mystery facts to have more news about our teeth below:

Tatteeth, or tattoos for your teeth are complete possible.

Nowaday, tattooing your teeth becomes more and more popular. However, Tattoos are not actually applied to a person’s real teeth. In fact they’re simply tattooed onto the caps or crowns. Symbols, images, or pictures of whatever you want can be put onto the teeth cap before it’s inserted into your mouth. 

tatoo teeth

Tatoo teeth

Get dentures is cheaper than get implants.

In fact, having dentures is much cheaper than implants. Each time a tooth gets pulled and a new one is implanted in its place, it costs a person around $2,000. If a person simply has all of their teeth removed and dentures put into place, then the cost will be around $1,000. 

Enamel can be never replaced.

If your hair or nails can grow back after being removed or broken, your enamel doesn’t because it dosen’t have living cells. So once it is damaged, this is irreparable damage. Neither toothpaste nor mouthwash can bring back your enamel, but it can cause calcium to bond to the enamel and patch up weak spots.

You can be born missing teeth.

Actually, many people who are born simply missing a tooth are real. Since your teeth are formed prior to you even being born (known as milk teeth when they come in), these missing teeth are apparent from the time a baby’s full set comes in! Although when they are adults, these gaps will never be filled. One famous actor, Ed Helms (played Stu in The Hangover movies) was actually born with a missing tooth which is why he was able to have the gap in the movies!

Remove wisdom teeth because of decreasing jaw sizes.

Sometimes, people have to remove their wisdom teeth simply because their jaw is too small. Wisdom teeth removal is a very common practice and is a reflection of the changes in human bodies over the past few thousand years or more. Wisdom teeth are the very back molars and were used to grind and mash our food, however as body sizes have decreased, so have jaw sizes making it important for wisdom teeth to be removed and more prominent that wisdom teeth are absent at birth.

Thanks to an odotoma, one person can have more than 200 teeth.

Sounds scary but it is reaI. Thanks to a unique and benign tumor in the dental area, individuals with an odotoma can develop teeth wherever the odotoma is located. Some poor boy from India was taken into a seven hour long surgery to remove around 230 teeth!

Baby teeth just lose when a person is around twelve years of age.

Those itsy bitsy baby milk teeth that develop in the womb and come in when an infant begins to reach around six months’ of age are actually very important. Adult teeth just start coming in between the ages of 10-14, making those little milk teeth from when an infant is six months old the only set they will have for their entire childhood. Dentists highly recommend brushing teeth as soon as they appear.

baby teeth

Baby teeth

You can be dead because of a tooth infection.

Because our mouth is close to sinuses and major arteries that run to your heart. A tooth infection can easily spread to the blood and be pumped throughout your body with the aide of your heart or sinuses. Always visit dentist when you have any problems of teeth.

Each person spends around thirty-eight days in life on brushing teeth.

brushing teeth

On average, about thirty-eight days of your life will be spent on brushing your teeth. The time brushing teeth from infants to old age really adds up! However, dental disease is still very popular, just behind the common cold! Hope the interesting facts help you have fun and get entertainment!


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