10 weird types of phobias you never knew existed

Human, in general, has many of fears for sure. And because we are human, not stone or something like this, there is a good chance you and me, are somehow really afraid of something around that can be speaking in front of large audience, being alone, being the dark, being in water, and so on. 

Clinophobia - A fear of go to bed

Clinophobia - A fear of go to bed

When you have an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something, it's called phobia. And do you know the fact that there are hundreds types of phobias that we never knew existed. Here are some interesting examples for you to see.

  • Allodoxaphobia, a fear of opinions

While it’s a fairly unusual and rare disorder, allodoxaphobia is categorized as a social phobia and is usually tied to an experience someone had at a young age. 

How we’d use it in a sentence: “Sorry, I can’t attend any more staff meetings—I have an acute case allodoxaphobia.”

  • Anablephobia, a fear of looking up

Someone with this particular feat could be afraid of the vastness above, or what can fall from above.

How we’d use it in a sentence: “I know you think it’s annoying that I’m always looking at my phone, but looking up is impossible—I’m an anablephobic.”

  • Androphobia, a fear of men

We’re talking a real-deal abnormal fear of men, as opposed to misandry, which is the hatred, dislike, contempt for or ingrained prejudice against them.

How we’d use it in a sentence: “Ugh mom, how many times do I have to tell you? My androphobia prohibits me from finding a boyfriend.” 

  • Atephobia, a fear of ruin or ruins 

Folks with this will suffer severe anxiety when faced with old buildings or ancient ruins.

How we’d use it in a sentence: “The honeymoon was great … though I’m thinking Greece might not be the place for someone with Atephobia—I didn’t leave the hotel once.”

  • Cacophobia, a fear of ugliness

Sure, ugliness is relative, but that doesn’t make this phobia any less real.

How we’d use it in a sentence: “My credit card bill was $30,000 this month, but it’s cool—I was diagnosed with cacophobia.

  • Cherophobia, a fear of gaiety

Symptoms can be mental, emotional, or physical reactions to joy and happiness.

How we’d use it in a sentence:  “At first I thought my teenage cousin was chernophobic, but it turns our she’s just going through a goth phase”

  • Clinophobia, a fear of going to bed

For some suffers, this phobia might cause anxiety and discomfort when attempting to sleep, or it could provoke serious anxiety or panic attacks.

How we’d use it in a sentence:  “We all thought Jennifer was a total party girl, but then we found out she has clinophobia, so it makes total sense that she stays out every night till 6 a.m!”

  • Cryophobia, a fear of extreme cold, ice or frost.

Suffers face a debilitating phobia of freezing weather and/or objects.

How we’d use it in a sentence: “Honestly, being cryophobic is awesome. I quit my job, moved to Hawaii, and sell figurines made out of coconut shells on the beach.”

  • Euphobia, a fear of hearing good news

People with euphobia may display symptoms of fear or anxiety when they hear happy news.

How we’d use it in a sentence: “When I told my cousin I was engaged, she ran out of the room. I thought she was just jealous, but then I found out she’s euphobic.”

  • Xanthophobia, a fear of the color or word yellow.

Yes, some people have an irrational fear of the sunny color.

How we’d use it in a sentence: “I’d love to be a bridesmaid in your wedding, but I should tell you now: I’m xanthophobic, so …” 

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