List of best dog food brands for puppies - Healthy puppy food

Feeding your puppies with the best dog food for puppies is important in their first weeks since your puppy is growing 20x faster than a young adult dog! Healthy patterns established in these first months are vital. It helps prevent your dogs from future health problems such as obesity, joint problems, or allergies. So the high quality puppy food will provide your little puppy with everything that he needs for his or her long healthy life. Since there are lots of food for dogs out there, how do we know which one is the best and the right one for your puppy? Here we come up with a list of best dog food brands for puppies. Let's check out to find some healthy food for your small dogs. Our rating list are based on food ingredient, quality, and reputation. Amazing facts about animals.

Best dog food brands for puppies - Healthy dog food for small dogs


Wellness dog food brands for puppies

Wellness started as a small family company in 1970.wellness_logo It has since grown into one of the truly great pet food brands on the market. Their uncompromising approach to quality ingredients results in healthy pets and noticeable reductions in allergies and other problems when changing from other foods. Like many of the premium food examined here, Wellness is one of the pricier brands on the market. That said, you really do get what you pay for with Wellness.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of Wild dog food brands for puppies

Taste of Wild - puppy food 

tasteofthewildGrain free, uncommon protein sources, excellent ingredients overall. The company quickly resolved a salmonella problem in 2012. TotW has committed to provide dog food that fulfills the instinctual cravings of a wild dog. This brand also includes eggs for a thick, luxurious coat.

Holistic Select

Holistic Select healthy dog food brands for puppies

 Holistic Select - Dog food brands

Holistic puts great emphasis on digestibility with probiotics, natural fiber, and digestive enzymes. Holistic employs quality standards that exceed those set by government regulation. Each product features meat from a single source (chicken formula only has chicken in it) for animals who are allergic to specific meats. 

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo healthy dog food brands for puppies

 Blue Buffalo dog food brand

BB packs a lot of protein into their puppy food. They also include “life source bits” which are pieces of food that are “cold formed”, a process that forms the kibble without damaging the nutritional value of the food with the high temperatures of normal processing. They have some controversial ingredients like carrageenan and caramel coloring in certain varieties, but these are in very limited quantities. Overall a very high quality and healthy dog food

Natural Balance

Natural Balance dog food brands for puppies

 Natural Balance - healthy dog food brands

Founded by Dick Van Patten in 1989, Natural Balance was sold to food giant Del Monte Foods in 2013. Users seem to agree that quality has not been compromised by the sale, so Natural Balance remains one of the highest quality brands on the market, while being priced a bit lower than some specialty brands. Customers hail it as a great option for dogs prone to allergies and other food related sensitivities. You can check out to get more information about dogs and fun, amazing, cool dog facts, dog facts for kids.


Canidae healthy dog food brands for puppies

Another excellent American made best dog food. Critics have identified a slightly higher carb and lower protein quotient than in some other premium brands, but years worth of satisfied customers tout Canidae as the perfect food for their dog. Users report better digestion and even better breath when switching over from other brands.

Castor & Pollux

Castor and Pollux healthy dog food brands for puppies

 Castor and Pollux - puppy food brands

A trusted source of excellent pet nutrition for 14 years. Their food is certified organic and hundreds of customers confirm it is a food that grows happy and healthy pets. Castor & Pollux uses only ingredients grown in the USA.

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