Best places in the world to celebrate Halloween

Now, Halloween festival becomes very popular in the world and many countries celebrate this event. Let's check out the best places to celebrate Halloween in the world.

1. Ireland: Back to the origins

The Halloween tradition origined from Ireland. Of course, Halloween is still celebrated extensively in this country today, especially the city of Derry-Londonderry in Northern Ireland. Halloween is celebrated here for four days. The festival attracts thousands of tourists every year, dressing up is obligatory if you want to be served in the local pubs. 

best places to celebrate halloween

2. USA: Haunted Happenings in Salem

Halloween is celebrated every year in the US, city of Salem near Boston. Salem is nicknamed “the witch town” from its famous past history. The city became famous for the witch trials of Salem in 1692, which led to cruel interrogations and executions. The city even has a witch museum and a memorial center to recall the terrible time of witch crafting and chase the visitors with pictures and stories to chill their spines. Every year, there will be the Haunted Happenings, a kind of Halloween festival for the whole family, here in Salem.

3. Romania: Transylvania, visiting Count Dracula

Transylvania is particularly gruesome place, which is perfect for a Halloween party. The home of Count Dracula offers you the gloomy history of the famous vampire creepy hotel and a Halloween party, staged in a genuine Gothic castle. 

4. Mexico: Dia de los Muertos

Even in Mexico, Halloween is celebrated, albeit quite differently than we know it. The Day of the Dead is one of Mexico’s most important holidays and it has even been included in the UNESCO list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. At the festival, death is not feared, but celebrated as part of life. It is very colorful and sumptuous with skulls and skeleton costumes. The Mexicans believe that their dead family members are among them that time and they should be warmly welcomed.

5. Germany: Halloween Horror Fest at Movie park

One of the most legendary Halloween parties in Germany celebration every year is the Moviepark Germany in Bottrop. The creepy party goes up on the weekends in October and every year new horror faces are played. If you want to dressup as a monster, you can be Frankenstein or zombie to scare the visitors every year. Moreover, you can creep on Frankenstein Castle. The name of Burg Frankenstein in Darmstadt is at Halloween program. One of the oldest parties is celebrated in the old walls of this castle and anyone who cannot believe that it is exciting here should simply go on the road and convince themselves.

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