Why do elephant have so big ears?

When it refers to elephants, there’s nothing more special than their so enormous ears. So is there any benefits of having so big ears? It is so amazing question, let’s along with us find out the best explaination for this awesome elephant fact.

Facts about enormous elephants ears

why elephants have so big ears

Elephants have so big ears

When it refers to big animals or mammals, nothing can be more special than their ability of keeping cool in hot climates. Being the biggest land mammals on the planet, elephants ears are one sixth the size of an elephant’s body. Their so big ears have the primary purpose of radiate heat and keep them cool.

The main benefit of so big elephants ears is that they can help the elephant to stay cool. Because unlike humans, elephants do not sweat, so they have a hard time getting rid of their excess heat. This is why it is vital that they are able to keep themselves cool and prevent overheating. 

why elephants have so big ears

Elephant’s ears are considered as its air conditioner

There is a fact that overheating is now of of the largets problem for large mammals as the elephant, so their ears have evolved to stop them from boiling to death.

The giant ears of elephants play the role of cooling devices. This works because their large ears contain an intricate web of large blood vessels that are situated just below the surface of the skin. As an elephant heats up, they pump hot blood into these specialized veins which allows the heat to escape into the air. Their gigantic ear flaps can measure up to 2 square meters and when the elephant flaps its ears, the blood temperature can drop by as much as 5 degrees Celsius! For these reasons, elephant’s ears are considered as its air conditioner.

What’s more, elephants use their ears along with their feet and trunks to hear sounds over long distances. In nature, they can hear another elephant's call from as far as six miles away, and they are able to judge how far away the other elephant is from the pitch of the call. Elephants also use their ears for visual communication. An elephant flapping its ears is a sign of joy or aggression.

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