Interesting penguin facts for kids

We all love penguins. They are really cute. They can be fun and fool sometimes. The way they waddle are also amazing. Penguins have become the protagonist in many films. So here we come up with some interesting penguin facts for kids, facts about these cute fightless birds. Let's check out to get all information about penguins and different penguins species such as emperor penguin, little blue penguin to know more about the world of animals.

Interesting penguin facts for kids - Facts about penguins

Interesting penguin facts for kids

Fact #1: 

Penguins often slide on their tummies over ice and snow. Researchers believe they do this for fun and as an efficient way to travel. That’s so cute.

Cute penguin slide on tummies facts

 Cute penguin sliding on tummies - interesting penguin facts for kids

Fact #2: 

Generally, penguins are not sexually dimorphic. This means they (male and female penguins) look alike.

Male and female penguin facts

Can you tell male and female penguins apart? - Penguin facts for kids

Fact #3:

Penguins don’t have teeth. They use their beak to grab and hold wiggling prey.

Fact #4:

Penguins are highly social birds. Even at sea, they usually swim and feed in groups.

Fact #5:

The striking color of penguins is kind of their camouflage. While the black back is helpful in the murky depths of the ocean, the white belly is hidden against the bright surface.

Fact #6:

Another interesting emeperor penguin facts for kids is that Adult male Emperor Penguins will lose about 26 pounds while he waits for a penguin chick to hatch.

Fact #7:

While penguins spend most of their lives at sea, they all return to land to lay eggs.

Fact #8:

Emperor penguin facts for kids - Emperor Penguins are the tallest species. They are about 4 feet tall. The smallest penguins in the nature are the Little Blue Penguin. They are only about 16 inches.

Little Blue Penguin facts for kids

Little Blue Penguin - penguins facts for kids

Fact #9:

Many penguins mate with the same member of the opposite sex season after season.

Fact #10:

While some species create nests for their eggs out of pebbles and loose feathers, Emperor Penguins incubate a single egg each breeding season on the top of their feet.  They keep the egg worm under  a loose fold of skin and a featherless area with their high concentration of blood vessels.

Emperor penguin facts for kids

Emperor Penguin in breeding season - emperor penguin facts for kids

Fact #11:

Another interesting penguin facts for kids is that Penguins are lack of visible ears. However, they still own excellent hearing. They identify their mates when returning to the crowded breeding grounds relying on distinct calls.

Fact #12:

Penguins evolved to stay in the Southern Hemisphere since this place has no land predators such as polar bears, or wolves to harm these fightless preys.

Fact #13:

Since they have never been harmed by animals on the ground, wild penguins have no fear of human tourists. That is one of interesting penguin facts, right?

Interesting penguin facts for kids

So you've got some really interesting penguin facts, do you find these flightless birds have some really cute characteristics just as their appearance? Leave the comment below and check out for more interesting facts and fun fact of the day.

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