Interesting elephant facts for kids

Elephants are the largest land mammal on Earth with a long trunk, a large ear, tusks, and pillar-like legs. In contrast to their sleek, elephants are adorable and clumsy mammals. Let’s discover these cute animals through our collection of elephant facts for kids with information about two main species of elephants, African elephant facts and Asian elephants. 

Elephant facts for kids

Elephant facts for kids 

Fact #1

It is interesting that elephants are the only mammal on Earth that cannot jump. This is an interesting information about elephants for kids.

Fact #2

Each elephant has completely unique ears. African elephant’s ears are about three times larger than those of Asian elephants.

Fact #3

African and Asian elephants use their ears as an air conditioner. It’s interesting that African elephants tend to use their long ears for signaling others or protection.

Fact #4

In spite of their large ears, elephants have a poor hearing.

Fact #5

Another elephant fun facts to know: The average adult elephants may poop 80 pounds per day. This mammal can drink up to 80 gallons of water in just a single day.

African elephants facts for kids

Elephants drink an enormous amount of water - Elephant facts for kids


The very first bomb dropped on Berlin by the Allies, killed the only elephant in Berlin Zoo during the World War II.

Fact #7

The smell of water is so familiar to elephants that they can recognize it from three miles away.

Fact #8

Elephants have a pulse rate of 27. That is one of elephant fun facts for kids.

Fact #9

If an elephant dies, its family members will take a very good care of the bones. This shows that elephants also have emotion like humans. That is one of interesting information about elephants for kids.

Fact #10

Elephants can live for as long as 70 years.

Fact #11

Elephants spend about 16 hours eating in a single day.

Fact #12

Elephants just sleep about 5 hours a night. They sleep while standing. Another elephant facts that you should know!

Fact #13

Elephant’s long trunk has no bones. Over 150,000 muscles and nerves provide the trunk’s flexibility. 

Fact #14

Elephants have a really tough skin, it’s about 1 inch thick. This is unbelievable! 

Fact #15

An elephant has enough control over their power to grasp and lift a raw egg with the trunk without breaking the shell. 

Fact #16

Elephants listen with their feet and their ears. When an elephant speaks, it creates a low-pitched rumbling sound that is almost inaudible but sends vibrations through the earth.

Fact #17

Elephants will fill their trunk with up to about 5 quarts of water then empty it into their mouth to drink.

Fact #18

An elephant’s trunk also serves as a straw or a hose.

So you've learnt about the largest terrestrial mammals on Earth through elephant facts for kids, now it's time to get another amazing, interesting, cool, random, crazy, fun facts, facts of life of different life aspects!

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