Giraffe giving birth and baby giraffe facts, information for kids

Giraffes are known for their impressive height. They are also the largest mammals on Earth. So how do they give birth? How about giraffe giving birth and the size of a newborn giraffe? Just keep reading to get all information about baby giraffes. Amazing facts about animals, animal facts for kids.

Baby giraffe facts for kids

#1 What is a baby giraffe called?

Similar to cattle, a baby giraffe is called a calf. In addition, a female giraffe is a cow while a male is a bull.

#2 What is the size of a newborn giraffe?

A calf is born weighing 100 to 150 pounds and measuring in at 6 feet tall.

#3 Giraffe giving birth - Giraffe labor process?

Giraffe giving birth

Giraffe giving birth

Giraffes give birth while standing up so a calf enters the world from quite a height. They fall 6 feet to the ground with hooves and head first. The fall may seem like an abrupt entrance into the world, but it effectively breaks the amniotic sac, severs the umbilical cord, and most importantly encourages the calf to take its first breaths. After the calf drops to the ground, the mother will begin to clean it off, and after a few minutes, the calf will attempt its first steps.

#5 How soon can a calf walk after being born?

As mentioned in giraffe facts for kids, within 30 minutes to an hour of being born, a calf will begin to stand and walk. These first steps are necessary for the calf to be able to nurse from their mother. Within the first day, the calf will also be able to run.

#6 Where do giraffes give birth in the wild?

Giraffes choose to have their babies in places known as calving grounds. Something that's unique about these grounds is that mothers will often return to these lands time after time to give birth. Often, it is the same place they were born because a herd will continue the tradition of using the area for several generations.

#7 What do baby giraffes eat?

A newborn giraffe will begin to nurse from its mother as soon as it is able to stand. By 4 months of age, they will begin to eat solid food (i.e. leaves in the nature).

baby giraffe facts

Baby giraffe

#8 How do mother giraffes care for their young?

In the immediate moments after birth, the mother will start to bond with her calf and lick it clean of the remaining amniotic fluids. She will also be seen encouraging the calf to stand and take its very first steps which will allow the young giraffe to nurse for the first time.

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