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A wide range of weird but true interesting animal facts Although there's a wide range of facts that have yet to be discovered, a list of 10 weird but true intersting animal facts that will leave you completely amazed
Ig Nobel Prize 2016 - List of winners Ig Nobel Prize 2016 and list of winners. Prizes and Awards for strange trivial achievements of science research. Information about the parody of the Nobel Prize

Fun "Survivor" Facts via Questions and Answers “Survivor” is one of the leader of American reality TV show. Check for its fun facts via questions and answers about youngest winner, longest challange and more
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative - $3B to cure children's lifetime disease Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr Priscilla Chan to spend $3 billion in search of curing for all children-lifetime disease. The couple donation and philanthropy
Impressive Billy Gilman performance on The Voice -"When We Were Young" Former young country artist Billy Gilman had an impressive performance with Adele’s “When We Were Young.” on The Voice. Check out his awesome performance here
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to get a divorce - No more Brangelina Latest news on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce. Famous Hollywood romance of Brangelina has come to an end. All what they care now is Brangelina kids
The Big Bang Theory: Leonard and Penny tie the knot...again The Big Bang Theory premiere recap raises question about whether or not Leonard and Penny tie the knot again. Keep reading to get answer for the question series
Game of Thrones breaks record at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards 2016 Game of Thrones and its record-breaking Emmy Awards 2016. Find out what awards does this fantasy drama tv series Game of Thrones win. Emmy awards winners
Latest news on New York explosion injuring 29 people An “intentional bomb blast” injured at least 29 people in New York on September 17. Here, latest news on what caused this large explosion are updated
68th Primetime Emmy Awards 2016 winners and nominations A list of winners, nominees, nominations of 68th Primetime Emmy Awards or Emmy Awards 2016, Emmys 2016. Awards of directing, programs, writing, actor, actress
How did NASA explain about Harvest Moon from the view of Science? What is A Harvest Moon? Don't you know answer? Don't worry,just keep reading to see how NASA explains the natural phenomenon from the view of Science via video
Is Calvin Harris new song My Way all about Taylor Swift Did Calvin Harris write his new song, My Way mentioning his ex girlfriend, Taylor Swift? What is the real meaning behind Calvin Harris songs, My Way?
An extensive range of places and things to enjoy in Ibiza Ibiza has a huge diversity of landscapes, activities and cultural curiosities. All you need is to find the right places and things to enjoy via this article.
The Beatles: Eight Days A Week and Live at the Hollywood Bowl Information about The Beatles remaining pieces, The Beatles Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years album and The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl. Music facts
8 Ibiza new fun facts - slightly different taste of island life Being a Hollywood stars’ paradise, Ibiza also has different taste of island life. Here are 8 fun facts about Ibiza - one of the most world beautiful islands.
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